cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I can’t wait for our accountant to file our schedule k so I can finally file my taxes! I don’t think I’ve ever had $7000 cash in hand before and just knowing that the near future contains such an experience brings me peace of mind.

I’m going through a lot. That sentence seems to imply something negative or unwanted but this is not the case. My spirit feels so alive, my mind is on fire. My thoughts feel familiar again. New. My body is reminding me how beautiful it is to be, and how crucial it is to care for our being. Creation calls and I feel eager to answer. I feel distance from the fear I’d felt. Things always change, but here and now I feel content and excited and ready. I’m enjoying this. What a nice thing to say, and an even nicer thing to believe.

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    her submission is worth nothing when she submits to anything

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    I don't even want that kind of attention, I just want to want it

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    absence of presence presence of absence

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