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I am not one to glorify the hunt for money or the value of cash- but god damn it is sick in the way it brings comfort. Our minds are corrupted by the need for greed. Because that’s just it- a need. Money has wormed its way into the basics of humanity. The basics of survival. So in that vein, I am feeling relief. I was finally able to file my taxes and now we just wait. It’s silly how excited I am to just save money. To just put it away.

On the flip side I am learning to reverse my adverse reactions to nearly everything. It’s all practice. This moment and the next. It’s all room for improvement. Space to become. I am finding sanctuary in this.

Danielle is going to French braid my hair for me today. A staple of the divine feminine— mutual grooming. I crave these connections for good reason.

The best way I have found to describe my current state is this~
It’s as though the entirety of reality is composed of infinite layers. As I evolve and elevate, more and more of these layers are exposed to me. Just as if i were to devolve, the layers would also exist, one would simply travel through them in the opposite direction, the reverse spiral. Even ideas follow this pattern- to hear a sentence over and over and then suddenly one day it makes sense from a depth unknown to you before. We are all explorers. The last frontier, to me, is everything- just from a new point of view. I am eager to uncover, explore and discover.

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    her submission is worth nothing when she submits to anything

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    I don't even want that kind of attention, I just want to want it

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    absence of presence presence of absence

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