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Last night didn’t go as planned, it went much better. I ended up not giving any readings because I was too caught up meeting people and, dare I say, “networking.” I sat for 2 hours and talked to like-minded women who live near me! Something is brewing. Am I.....making....friends?

Wednesday morning I’m going back to the art center to sit for portrait class. And the following Wednesday I will participate. I feel inspired. Seeing the purity of creation up close and personally- it moved me. Made me wanna. I’m excited. I’m full of trust. I feel at home.

The focus is on.
The focus is on:
-eating well and learning about foods and nutrients and vitamins and all the things I’m ignorant of
-total creation. Making art and making moves.
-Hedy. I miss her when she sleeps these days. She’s a work of art. She made me an artist.
-deep cleaning my space. Ensuring that what I choose to surround myself with is done through intention.
-education. Learning. Understanding. I wanna learn about consciousness and the ways it morphs. I wanna learn from others. I wanna absorb and retain.
-writing. At least a paragraph a day.
-adapting my perspective. From fixed to malleable. To wake up and understand the infinite nature of potential that swirls around us constantly. Less doing things out of habit. More freedom.
-smoking pot with intention. It makes everything better- if you wanna chill, you’ll be chill. But if you wanna get things done it also lubricates the experience. No blame.
-deeper meditation. Getting to a place where I can be in meditation for an hour.

Nothing is beyond my potential.

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