cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Our car refused to start just now. After a slim-lucked jump of the car, we made it 2 blocks and ran one red light, making it to the nearest auto parts store.

Bad battery, no juice.

Maintaining one’s alignment with trust and gratitude is paramount.
There is no good life without work.
There is no contentment without investigation of thought.

There is a reason and it’s usually us.
The spacious vacuum I’ve been living in for the last few weeks is now being filled with a magenta light.
A diamond ray.

The space I’ve made is making sense now.

It’s getting easier and easier to trust, the more I practice the less I have to try.

I can and will and do and have.
Tags: vacuous miraculous

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    turn around let's turn on each other good idea break a promise to your mother

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    so we're just gonna keep waking up earlier and earlier then?

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