cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

There is lots of time for thought and thinking. I feel in my element. I wonder what will stay and what will change but mostly feel indifferent. I repeat phrases singing praises of my power and I always mean them- but they fail to explain the depth of their meaning and how they mean more and more as time goes on. How can the same words adapt to new form? There is an understanding of what will and will not be accepted. The standards have changed. The understanding has too. A home for our family is a necessity. We have begun looking. I have no formal plan- only a certainty of what we need. The “how” seems boring these days. It will regardless. I will. My will. Loren and I are getting along perhaps better than ever. After a few weeks of adjustment and adaptation, every day is perfect. Every day. We are all so full of love it’s almost nauseating. As a whole, we are in love with life and in love with each other. Every day is another beautiful day. Together. I feel excited and hopeful. I feel fulfilled. I have dreams and plans and hopes. I’ve released any and all fears. Now it’s just me and just us and just everything. I sit and drink my coffee and I am new. I am thankful. I am gracious.

Now we wait on our new TV to come in the mail ;)

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