cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I am an artist in every sense.
The world is a better place for having me.
Everything I touch is improved upon my being there at all.

The indefinite nature of everything is inspiring me rather than discouraging me these days. Spirit says and I listen. I am understanding the fluid nature of truth in the age of overinformation. Of misinformation. Of subjective subjects and objective ejections.
I love to drink my coffee and write. I love to have my mind to myself. I love the life I’ve built and am building. Blocks, where? And certainly no square.

I need to read some Hunter S Thompson and envelop myself in the misfit archetype. Tricky. You are only as strong as the thing you push back against. Nothing is safe.

All powerful, all golden, all in motion. When we finally stop to look around we won’t recognize ourselves.
It is nice to meet you,
Old friend


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