cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

A glimpse and a long hard look

I feel like I’m tripping all of the time. Something about bliss. Something was implanted in my brain a few days ago but we’ve since removed it. It hurt. Psychic warfare is alive and well. If you feel off, you are off. Clear the field. The C*IA released those documents for a reason. Don’t read them. I’ve changed my stance on it. Never ground into the earth, always into source. I’ve been making a lot of candles and I’ve seen the results in the hearts of my customers. I feel
Excited but in no rush. I feel the future but I love the present. It’s all over soon enough. Stop what you’re doing and laugh. We are part of a cosmic joke, a situational symphony of infinite moving love. It’s time we act like it. Make things, make love, make time, make out, make it. Make it yours. That’s all. It’s all yours just take it. That’s all. It’s all you just accept it. That’s all.

I am honored to know everything and everyone I know. I am honored to know the glory of myself. I am honor and duty and frivolous fun.

Don’t let them into your brain’s space or you’ll never figure it out.

Protect yourself. This is just the beginning.
Luckily for us, we’ve been training all our lives.

I can see the future clearly but it is not for me to say.
Just protect your energy. Clear your field. And understand your vibration so you can recognize when something doesn’t belong.

We are all under mind control until we aren’t.

Tap out.

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