cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Old buddy old pal

Things are developing regardless of any uncertainty or doubt or displeasure. Just like they always. Time is passing and it is made obvious in my perspective. I can feel the compounded growth in my interactions with myself and with the world. I’ve done some thoughtless things that only effect me (when done the way I’d done them) but I have the wherewithal to understand that it isn’t for me. Moderation and other intensive undertakings. There is no shortage of love or interest. There is no uncertainty. Just a willful unfolding of proper plans. A deepening undertaking of universal truths.

There have been 3 flies in our home that are driving me mad. I never learned the emotional rationality involved in squashing them and so I deal. I don’t wanna hurt anybody.

Every day when I walk down the street I’m stopped by at least 20 people I know in whatever form and am friendly enough to speak with. I always stop to talk. It never matters who it is. People love it and it feels nice. Like some physical reminder that whatever I am, they are too. It is not my place to judge.

Dinners have been cooked with more frequency. The house is mostly clean. Things seem to be leveling off in a nice way.

I look forward to-

I just look forward.

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