we went to a party at Bri's new home. it was outside for the most part and it had a feeling of being relatively unsafe but fun nonetheless. There were couches outside with foliage growing thru them. Children were there and being reckless as they do. I got sleepy so I went upstairs and into my own apartment regardless of the strange logistics of that. my living room was full of people but I went to bed. I woke up to someone touchin me all over but their face was too close to see at first. I gain the view and realize it is Loren and try to hit him but can't move my hands like that. he walks to the bathroom and I realize he's wearing my favorite shorts so I run over and tear them off. he's wearing my shirt too. I tear it off. an infinite cycle of him wearing my things and me removing them from his body. I look around and my home is covered in clothes and I get mad about the mess. I say, although it was hard to make the words work, "Loren, I hate you." I wake up.


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