cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Realizing family traditions can be difficult. We have a blind spot when it comes to ourselves and our habits, especially those given to us By our families.

I was thinking about this today, after we received news that (Loren’s parent’s dog) Levi died.
I had told Loren I’ll write condolences to them and send them a wind chime.

My mom has always given wind chimes to the families of any deceased we knew. To act as a reminder. Ya know. To act as a reminder that they exist in every breeze and bird and tree.

The thing about family traditions is that it doesn’t matter whether they’re common place or strange to others. They’re part of you.

So I’m gonna make Linda and Brian a wind chime and send it off. And one day we’ll pass on these gestures.
Nothing ever dies.

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