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making healthy habits
making health habitual

all is going perfectly. I’ll be at 3 months on Jill’s birthday (03/19) and hopefully get to see my morning sickness fade.

It’s odd to realize you’ve been in a sort of limbo. Where nothing really changes and chapters hardly end definitively. As if a change were urgent. As though movement is a gift. Divine right timing is pure and true and something I trust.

Loren and Adam are going to finish the renovations to our apartment. They’ll finish the painting I had started. They’ll lay the new flooring for me. I am a perfectionist so letting go of these tasks is rather tough for me. I’m trying to be less judgmental of the abilities of others. Even when it isn’t conscious, I do it. As of right now it seems as though we’ll be having a Virgo- and I wonder about their attention to detail or lack thereof.

I can’t wait for visits and lovins. Belly rubbins. So far Nico, Mary, and Jill have plans to visit before the baby is here. My sister and her family will be moving here in just a month or two. It will be so nice to show some people I love the places I love. My secret spots for summer writing. My favorite meditative trees. Secret paths and holy springs. I would love to show you everything.
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