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At least half of my problems can be solved with chai tea. I act accordingly.

We were gifted a journal yesterday from Rana. Her intentions were for us to document our thoughts and feelings during this transition. Eventually it may be passed on or not, she left that up to us and what we decide to write. Rana and I have The Book of Love that we wrote back and forth in- lots of poetry and musings about how great we think the other is. It’s amazing to feel connected to someone beyond age or community.

It’s amazing to feel connected to anyone at all.

I am making my habits healthier. I am reading more. I am drinking my tea. I am meditating frequently. I am honing my skills. I am opening my business. I am not doing these things for you. I am doing them for me. I am doing them for me so that I may share them genuinely with you. So that I may share the beauty of self discipline and it’s vast effects. Because we are what we see and feel. We are what’s nearest to us. I am working towards the comfort of knowing myself. So that I may teach you how. I can’t think of a more important lesson.

I’m learning

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