cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Persimmons, patience, time management, responsibility, freedom, deliberate action, accidental perfection, effortlessness, diligence, heavy socks, clean sheets, cuddling, the electricity of realization, authenticity, cutting cords, amends, understanding, introspection, outer planets, divine rule, phases and how they always end, the love one feels for their flesh and bone and spirit and heart and mind, togetherness, holy bonds, broken hearts, healing, trying, giving in not giving it up.

I reached out to my first love to make amends but he never answered.
I understand.
It has to be hard losing something so pure and true and strange and new even after all this time and love and space.
I hope he never compares, I hope he always, ya know, in his own way

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    The progress feels slow but that doesn’t really matter

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    Damn how this book just found me

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    On page 8 of this book and I can feel it’s gonna wreck me

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