cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

You deserve the best

The perfect home, mutual fascination, bare baby feet, a big yard, a big garden, homemade meals, reading together, discussions over dinner, enough time, bedtime stories, packed lunches, morning routines, family traditions, going places, tile floors, play, hugs and kisses, total trust, peace, records in the morning, mastering the art of coffee, labors of love, acts of service, the look of understanding, teamwork, hands to hold, backs to rub, making room in bed for bad dreams, accidents, messes and cleaning them up, obstacles and overcoming them, the sensual nature of reality, touch, exposure, cohesion, home base, exploration, emotional support, shared reality, folding tiny shirts, assembling furniture, finding a home within one another, building a life, contradiction, growth, encouraging challenges, instilled wisdom, structured existence, nurturing, providing, sustaining, expanding, the feeling of freshly mopped floors on your feet, being seen, being witnessed, intimacy, experience, feeling the love, herbal remedies for runny noses, fresh juice, nutrition, mindfulness, sensitivity, boundaries, the bed being made, divine and inherent roles, quiet moments late at night, always having something to talk about, setting an example, standards, gratitude, birthday cakes, measuring sticks and lines on the trim, missing socks, dirty dogs, stability, reliability, fond memories falling on eager ears, giving it all, having it all, being present, breakfast in bed, Father’s Day cards, unconventionality, bonds, movie nights, open affection, purpose, human nature, love

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