February 24th, 2019

form and function

It’s so windy today. The sunny skies are drifting, the force of the breeze bringing back the grey and the rain.
It’s okay.

For a few brief moments today it really felt like spring. I can feel myself waking back up with the trees and the flowers and the squirrels and the birds. The days are only getting longer now.

We are going over to my parents’ house to spend time with the family. My grandma is coming as well. Such a little absent angel. It’s amazing to watch someone you know lose themselves. It’s cruel and sad but there is something magical in there. She can’t work with words, she is pure feeling. I could say anything, so long as I’m smiling, and she would smile too. What a way to be.

For two is now for three. At least temporarily. I can’t pretend to know the answer to that math problem. March 12th is a deadline in the most literal of terms.

I’m grateful for family and how it only grows. I’m grateful that Loren is so involved with my family. I’m grateful that my family looks at Loren as their son.

I’m off work now. I’m waiting for Loren and Adam* to finish their shifts so that we may just go home.

I’ve had so many lazy days.
I don’t wanna not wanna.

(Adam is our employee and the closest thing to a friend that we have aside from Rana the magic woman.)


sunshine, leather shoes, fresh sheets, open windows in February, purrrrs, growls, celebration, attention to thought, attention to detail, working with your hands, scabs, worn-out denim, bittersweet memories, subtle nostalgia, covering your hair for energetic purposes, embroidery, automobile maintenance, sisterhood, second-hand goods, first-hand experience