February 25th, 2019


Diseased dogs howl at the dirty wind
The moon reflects our sentiment
Right back
To us

One day we won’t even have our youth to cling to

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the past is a form of torture if you refuse to learn from it.

do we deserve everything that happens to us?
does it really matter?
We deserve to love and grow by any means necessary.

I believe that if it Is it should be, it must be.
it is, after all.

This gives me peace
Allows me to take a step back, stop feeling sorry for myself, and take inventory of my blessings and love.

More than an easy life, I wish for a fulfilling one

More than an easy ride, I wish for depth and understanding

By moving thru the darkness we make peace with it
Moving thru
Not into
Not deeper
Not down
(Our horrors don’t have to be home)

Directionlessness gives vague results

A lack of dreaming leads to a lack of fulfillment

To have what you want
Know what you want
Or at least what you don’t——-
Ya know?

(no subject)

building the life of my dreams-
I would get so caught up in the big picture major motion hyper-unattainable aspects of what I wish for,
discouraging myself to death.

a shift

I realize that life is now. In those brief moments, over and over. If I am doing what I want to right now, my world is perfect.

The current focus:
Building blocks, collecting lace and satin lingerie, learning how to cook my favorite foods, reading as much as I want to read, cutting out television and movies, cutting up, oil painting my loves, taking the time to play with my kittens every day, big long dog walks, being the best lover, partner, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor and stranger that I possibly can, digging my fingernails into my deepest truth, 100% authenticity, tattoo plans, finding vintage clothes for every occasion, MEANING WHAT I SAY Or SAYING NOTHING

bills are paid, money is in the bank, some in some hiding spots, gold jewelry every day, no sweat.

we have to start somewhere, I suggest perhaps now?