July 29th, 2019

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I’ve been growing my hair out for nearly two years. I’ve had it cut, I mean my natural color. Shedding the old and the damaged, replaced in the most natural way. I still crave some colors. Hair is magic.

I’m growing my eyebrows out again. Just for fun, I guess. I wanna see myself just as I am, I guess. I love the potential for modification. I just love being a human.

I love being human.
Even in this society and culture and state and time. We are inherently so beautiful. The way we adjust our appearance (or the way we don’t.) Such a silly ‘science’ and I find it so cute when you remove the analytics. We are precious little animals collecting things and sticking them to ourselves. In essence and in full.

Some days when I feel far away from myself...the grey overshadows anything else. I think it’s natural. Method and madness. We are all ‘crazy,’ what a wasted label. Being alive is crazy. And here we are. But today the wind feels beautifully against my skin and I don’t mind my hair getting in my mouth.

I guess what I mean is


The importance of emptying your mind of useless chatter. Of Just Putting it somewhere. Intention overrides talent in cause and effect.