August 24th, 2019

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I may sound like a broken record, but the weather is phenomenal yet again. That fall chill and scent and feeling is in the air, soaking into my skin and into my brain. My dog is going to be in his glory today for our walks. Before I work i plan on taking my kittens outside as well because I mean come on! It’s beautiful and I will take any excuse to spend my time outside. I do not miss the Florida heat. Honestly I don’t think I could stand it at this point. I’ve become acclimated to the changing seasons and I appreciate it so much. Endless summer seems overrated. Give me multiplicity, give me variety. Loren’s parents offered to help us buy a home but I don’t think I’m ready and I’m not sure that’s how I’d want to do it. I can’t stand being indebted. I want my choice to be completely mine. However, the thought is wonderful and kind and regardless of what happens, the offer is sweet and should be seen as such. The thought of having my own home is so tempting but I am patient.
It is Virgo season. My season. I can feel it in my bones, at home. I am meticulous and analytical and it feels great. No stone left unturned? I can’t wait for my glasses to be finished, wearing the pairs I have that are missing an arm each is getting old fast. It makes me dizzy.

It is such a beautiful day. I sit on my back steps, drinking my coffee that has long gone cold, I am happy. My mind is full of now and then but I accept the present for what it is. I am full of memories today and they make it all the more fascinating to contemplate where I currently am. I have everything I need. I am everything I need. So much has been done and seen and survived and enjoyed and life is just amazing.

I haven’t meditated in 3 days and boy can I feel it. The subtle discomfort I feel when I put it off. My mind suffers, so I suffer. Today I am absolutely meditating for extra long and I will enjoy it so much. I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to do my yoga.

Replacing worry with wonder. Some sense of ability provides me with the comfort of knowing that it (whatever ‘it’ is from day to day) will be handled and all will go well.

Now it’s time for a pup walk and affirmations and succumbing to the simple pleasures.

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It is interesting to consider that it could have been different it could have been yours or theirs or anything else. But here we (I) are (am).