October 27th, 2019

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Hedy and I are having a great morning. She slept in and let me shower AND do my yoga. She watched me feed all the pets, giving me polite suggestions here and there. Now we sit on the couch listening to Joni Mitchell, skin to skin to mouth to milk. Total comfort, little hands touch my collarbone and chest and heart. We are getting full now, heavy eyed.

I found the perfect pants yesterday at thrift. And a pair of silk pajamas. And a lovely purse. Today is my nephew, Fitzroy’s, birthday party. Once Loren is home we have to do some speed-shopping before we go. Family. I think of my childhood and my aunts and uncles and it blows my mind to know that is what I am to 2 lovely children, and a mother to one. I am loving me memories in a modern mode. Amazing. The awareness. It’s priceless.

The passage of time and the circle of life. The epiphanic nature of family as your roles change, I have so much compassion for my elders now. I am doing my best and I will do my best to always do my best. Doing my best includes knowing myself and showing up authentically. Being an inspiration to the young bloods. Reflecting their potential to them. I am in love with this life, My life, my creation. I am eager to be.