July 22nd, 2020

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You bizarre spectacle, you wondrous thing. I don’t think about you enough. I don’t love you right. Sometimes and not always and that’s our issue. You are relentless, aren’t you? In your ferocity and gentleness alike. There is no grey area within you- just fire and brimstone and clouds and flowers and hope. Thank you. I don’t say that enough either. Look at the things you’ve done. The things you’ve accomplished. You never do. You only look forward with a puzzled stare- hellbent on understanding. But you’re always understanding and never understood. You’re an open book in a forgotten tongue. Free for a price, dedicated for less. Why do you give it all away? And why does it bother me? The world is yours and you turn away. There is no one like you. What does that imply? What is a friendship based on lies? I would tell you to open up but for what? Enough eyes, always looking, always wanting more but settling for your smile and you are sleepy. Tired. A force nature is proud of- she makes it very clear. You are favored. A favorite. Demolition doesn’t have to be scary. You don’t have to be afraid. You’re everything and more. Beyond.
And I’ll meet you there every time.

It’ll always just be us.

(no subject)

I dip my toes into the depths. The water is black, thick, enticing. Inch by inch I sink, slowly, smiling.
There is no coming up for air.
There is no exhale.

Only peace

I want for nothing and I got it

oversaturation and the common experience

The horizon is wide and seems endless. It’s funny we found anything at all. Too much information is just as limiting as too little, only more corruptive. The data is in and the numbers do not lie down. Do. Do lie. With and without is all the same from far enough away. To have and to behold the glory is a minefield. Desensitization and the erosion it causes. Some things last a long time, some things do not. They are things nonetheless.

It’s all experience
It’s all an experiment

I feel full. I feel.
I’ve never let a single person in.

(no subject)

There are no secrets in this life,
only things you’d rather not share

There are no limits, only suggestions

There are no directions, only focus

There is no me, only now