January 6th, 2021

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“You can be a brat to me anytime”

What I would do for late nights and early mornings with my women and cuddling and cooking and laughing and smokin and hugging and supporting and creating. Stretching and growing. I know why you all have to be everywhere and why I have to be here but fuck it gets lonely some days.

And then I remember some people never get friends like you

The blessings stretch out indefinitely in every direction (even the ones we forget)

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Incremental changes, privacy, self control, self admiration, accepting nothing over less than something, choices, hot pursuit, being wanted, being rejected, underwhelming options, overcoming self imposed and harmful habits, relearning relationships alone, being alone, isolation, denial, acceptance, self preservation, curiosity, longing, correction, distance, being okay with yourself for real

One man’s blessing is another man’s curse

I am the divine feminine

(I’m not allowed to settle)

I am the reward

(I’m not allowed to be easy)

I pray for the men I’ve crushed, the ones who craved me but could not withstand the force of heaven

The men who became addicted to my luck

Who tasted what it felt like to be god
with infinity wet in their hands.

(Everybody is drawn to my power but no one can handle the responsibility of getting exactly what they dream of)

I wanna see it thru your eyes too

Thinking of the way it feels to be outside at night in the summer time. Thinking of the way it smells and the air on your skin.

Thinking about how I had no idea that would be this

Thinking of you
Thinking of “no”

The thought alone.