April 1st, 2021

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I know people don’t think like me and it makes them angry that I think like me but it is what it is

I don’t see things for what happens, I see things for what they mean, what they lead to, what they demand. I could cry over a car or I could understand I’ve been distracting myself, I could be bummed Hedy hasn’t started daycare yet so I have to take a break from the shop or I can understand I need time to think about what’s really up. It’s all perspective. Using experience to grow looks different for everyone. I’m not here to hurt. I won’t apologize for that.

It’s so obvious I need to completely sink into myself right now. I’m so grateful I have me to sink into. I love being me.

(no subject)

Sacred bonds
Being a woman, to me, includes styling ones hair to feel closer to another woman you love
Of course it doesn’t make sense
But it works
That’s the feminine

(no subject)

I always know there’s a problem when there’s nothin I wanna listen to

Music feels gooooood again

Pleasure becomes me

It can be hard and good
It can be easy and wrong
And any combination of the above

(no subject)

It's funny, but it's true
And it's true, but it's not funny
Time comes and goes, but all the while
I still think of you
Some things last a long time
Your picture is still
On my wall, on my wall
The colors are bright
Bright as ever
The things we did, I can't forget
Some things last a lifetime