April 5th, 2021

(no subject)

My first instinct is to think of myself as a little bitch when I can’t do everything

And that isn’t true
I just have to remember that

It’s all about remembering

(no subject)

Sometimes I lay in bed and pray for the girls who look at peoples recently followed or who watches their story because sad

So sad

No no no baby come get empowered

(no subject)

Me singing The Scientist by Coldplay all day to my dog I’m rehoming tomorrow.

No one understands how I process sadness and that’s okay.

(no subject)

Thinking about that time I was in 11th grade and a freshman joined marching band who looked exactly like me as a boy down to the dimple

How the fuck do I find him

(no subject)

My dad has had the same watch since i can remember

Like he’s had 200 of them
But the exact same one

It’s precious to see Hedy play with it

I just care about family most