May 14th, 2021

(no subject)

you sit around quoting from that book of fire
but you can’t even read and you laugh like a liar
you look like you’re made of wax

you keep you’re heart in the freezer all day
and you take it out at night just to watch it melt away
you break like a piece of glass
you know that you’ll never last out in that wind
it’s a cruel cruel wind

I wish you could see me now
I am losing my edge in a fantastic new way
I wish you could see just how
I’ve become so soft I am fading away

you sit around polishing that book of fire
you’re gonna burn your hair off in a fit of desire
don’t pretend that you wouldn’t mind

you run through the rain and you laugh like hell
you think it rains just for you and for nobody else
you never were all that kind
you never thought to unwind that coiled wound
yeah that wound you love

I wish you could see me now I’ve divided myself
into a million fake hearts
I wish you could see just how I’ve become so soft
I am falling apart

you butter your bread with that book of fire
but it’s not a real book and it isn’t on fire
there aren’t even any words

you’re so damn worried about that book of fire
that you dress like god and you even have your own choir
but it’s mostly made up of birds
and they don’t even know the words to all your songs
Yeah the songs you sing

I wish you could see me now
I am measuring the night with the palms of my hands
I wish you could see just how I’ve become so soft
I am reverting to sand

(no subject)

I love hands. I can tell everything I need to know about someone by their hands.

The only WHY? Lyrics that never resonated with me were
“I claim to know a guy but I can’t tell you what his hands look like”

I can tell you in detail what everyone’s hands look like.

So intimate.

The medium between a dream and reality.

Hands hold it all

(no subject)

Give me any topic and I can romanticize it because that’s how I view it all

I’m a hopeless romantic
In a perpetual love affair
with Life itself

God more than loves me and I, god

(no subject)

Summer is going to be pivotal
Enjoy it all now
Things are shifting
Movement progress
Something so new
Every moment is necessary
Learn from it all
Appreciate the path
Stop and say thank you
Notice everything
Be yourself more

(no subject)

I’m like kinda figuring this out which is impressive for someone who has done absolutely no research outside of buying a book I haven’t read