June 1st, 2021

(no subject)

Literally have never felt more alone or more whole

Such a strange dynamic

Coming to terms with the fact that no one could understand has been difficult in its own way
In my own way
Which really isn’t that hard mostly just surrender

I just want to be outside all of the time

I’ve never thought so much in my whole life
I’ve thought fast and recklessly
But now it’s calm and centered and so much more potent
All I had to do was be alone

Praise god
All love to me
This is what power feels like

(no subject)

The matrix is tricky it uses the people you love to pull you back in

In love

Realize the mirror

Loving oneself is the only cure
I’ve been saying this for years and I just now understand what it really means

That’s how it works
The depth is revealed gradually

(no subject)

The fact that I can scoop my daughter, roll a blunt and go to the lake anytime I want is enough for me

You people want so much
For what?
What are we distracting ourselves from?
(Never makes you feel better for long does it?)