June 2nd, 2021

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If you’re out here getting angry about tiny things or crying about insignificant things it’s because there is an underlying cause your emotions are trying to direct you toward. They become pressurized. Follow them home.

This is true for reality in general. Pick up on the nuance of the message and earth-shaking events won’t be necessary to get your attention.

You can win the game.
It’s just a game.
You can do well without taking it so seriously

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It’s a little disorienting changing so quickly but there is a calm that comes in between the waves of static, more and more frequently

For $7 a month I get to support Jill and have someone provide me with thoughtful yoga flows- someone that I love and trust so much. Such an intimate thing. So feminine. Mmmmmmm

Finally a shift ya know? Like fuck that was heavy good luck you can do it here it comes

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No bro it’s just like this bizarre mix of knowing exactly what the fuck is going on and thus not knowing what’s going on ya know

Shit has never been so weird!
I feel electric lately.