cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Big dreamin of a home

With hardwood floors and white walls, an abundance of art, lace and silk and velvet, enough rooms for enough children, stained glass, the best foods, a kitchen big enough to cook Thanksgiving dinner in, my pets, cleanliness and godliness, a lotta land, a lotta gardens, walkin paths, space to explore, a swing on the front porch for smokin pot and watching babies play, room for friends, a ton of love, beaded curtains, craftsmanship, individualized comfort, too many books, too many photos, the solace of one’s home, family, a necessarily large kitchen table, a washer and a dryer, a basement filled with homemade canned goods, a swing set, toys in the yard and enforcing their relocation to the proper area, a swimming pool or access to water, homemade candles for every want or need, cookin for the ones I love most, skinned knees and bandaids, Christmas lights every year, snoring cats, at least one persimmon tree, custom holiday traditions filled with honor and gratitude, sacred space for our daily meditative practices, cooperation, composting, naked night swims, silk robes to make breakfast in, sharing what we’ve learned every day, beaded curtains, fun lighting, an environment of creative energy, art space, generosity, perhaps too many rugs, the grass is always mowed of course and I never have to do it, hammocks, umbrellas, eating lunch in the garden talking about bugs, dancin while we make a mess, dancin when we clean it up, intensely intricate snow men when we take a trip up north, good days, bad days, the comfiest and biggest bed filled with fingers And toes but only sometimes, simplicity, self expression, vulnerability and so much love

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    her submission is worth nothing when she submits to anything

  • 2 me, too me

    I don't even want that kind of attention, I just want to want it

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    absence of presence presence of absence

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