cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

1.) intimacy initiated through sex is inevitably disingenuous
2.) trust and belief are not the same
3.) distraction is the devil
4.) lust is a trap
5.) if a relationship doesn’t challenge you in a healthy way, one will always create problems to satiate the innate desire for friction
6.) you can’t truly comprehend, enjoy, or revere desire when it is gratified instantly
7.) there is pleasure in pain and uncertainty that can not be felt without it
8.) I love myself
9.) I love you
10.) voluntary sacrifice =\= forced sacrifice
11.) do not settle
12.) worship one another in relationships of every kind
13.) reality reacts to you perpetually- how do you feel? Have you been receiving signs? Have you had good luck or bad luck? Who have you spent time with? Do they drain or motivate you? Trust that everything you need to make a decision has been shown to you. You know where you’re supposed to be by the feeling of...
14.) every moment is an opportunity to learn your lesson
15.) “unacceptable” is a figure of speech. Just go.
16.) what you desire is already yours and you belong to what you desire. Get out of your own way. Surrender to the knowing, act on the knowing, embrace the knowing
17.) learn your role. Everything you need to understand about symbolism lies in every fragment of art we have.
18.) shed the comfort you derive from labeling yourself and others.
19.) your desire to possess someone else will always leave you heartbroken. That is not love and your soul craves love. Release all expectation. Admire all facets.
20.) take pleasure in everything about yourself. Form a sensual relationship with your place in the universe.

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