cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Today I hear my inner child calling. She calls to me in a frequency just beyond my range. A shy translation leads me to explore my creativity. She misses imaginary places and visiting with joy.

Open-minded and wide-eyed.

I have been holding tightly but to what? A semblance of structure that does not exist. I have been neglecting my spirit in favor of organization. I have been using order as an excuse to avoid the unknown.

I am calling this, now, surrender. I release it from my grasp. I release any expectations. I release any doubts.

What is order without joy? Organization without elation?

Ignore the conditions. Start anyway. Begin. Relish it. Let your art seduce you. Let your creative fire make you sweat. Embrace the nature of being human, pleasure and comfort and sorrow and grace.

Stop to read in the sunshine, grab your sketch pad when you can not sleep, make food for yourself, adorn your body in fabrics you adore- jewelry that resonates, work on your home until it feels like paradise, learn and learn and learn, find ways of expression, embrace spontaneity, laugh hard, get close, show yourself
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