cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I’ve been concerned about supplementing my income. My income which will soon be zilch, once I stop working. My job as a manager/waitress is so fast paced that it requires running. It’s emotionally draining not only serving people, but being the one the other employees look to for everything. Everything. On top of the stress of this, I’ve been receiving the most rude comments since announcing my pregnancy. Usually it’s men. Usually they tell me some horror story about dead babies. Or they tell me I should work until I give birth. They tell me things I don’t need to hear, especially from them. I’m tired of letting them in my space.

I’d been growing more and more wary about my job, but probably more wary about what we will do without my income. I had told loren I didn’t want to work at all during my pregnancy, but that dream seemed further and further away every day.

However! I found an online job, giving tarot readings, that should land me 600 a week at least. From home. At my own pace. My own hours. I am utterly thrilled. I am utterly relieved.

I’m gonna brush up on my tarot (mostly just for comfort) and apply this week. I can’t wait to tell my customers I won’t be back. I can’t wait to tell my parents I can help them more.

Everything is

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