cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

the year is........

A garden one could get lost in, trails leading to divided plots. Those that bloom with the moon, murderous plants, categorized by color and effect. Somewhere to sit. Morning meditations and midnight strolls.

Stained mahogany doors, dark brown paint, white accents.
I make pillows to throw in each corner in the case of brief contemplation. Bookshelves line the walls- our children’s favorites on the bottom shelves. Velvet sofas, velvet curtains. Depression glass reflects the afternoon sun, casting rainbows around the kitchen. Fresh fruit and vegetables within reach always.

Dim lighting in our bedroom in the evening. A bed big enough for all of us. Even bigger love. I light candles for ritual and just because.

You cook for our friends often and we have so much to say. Dinner is a religious holiday.

Every surface contains the cryptic energy of an altar, everything is magick, everything is sacred. We decide what life we live and we honor it with every breath.

Now what about the bathrooms?
Tags: preparation and planning

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