cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Masculine admiration is so often wildly disappointing, we don’t need to seek that ok?
(It seeks you)

The feminine needs the feminine to be fully realized

I never want to hurt another woman ever again

I pray for forgiveness
I forgive myself

I pray for the softness of the world we’ve ground into dust

(Soft skin, gentleness, care, support, understanding, openness, receptivity, innocence, purity, effortlessness, perpetual flux, the subconscious, the knowing, portals, otherworldly nature, mystery, intrigue, laughter, tears, submission, ease, seduction, hope, comfort. Home is a woman.)

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    turn around let's turn on each other good idea break a promise to your mother

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    so we're just gonna keep waking up earlier and earlier then?

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