cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

It’s a lot. There is so much brewing just beneath the surface. I changed the sheets yesterday and did so much work around the house. Today we are painting the bathroom and laying new floors (if the sealant dries in time). When I have the money (very soon) I am buying a new bathroom vanity, mirror, and over-the-toilet stand as well- which should complete the work in that room. On the to-do list I find other things such as flooring the kitchen and installing shelving. Fixing the ceiling in my bedroom. Completing the restoration and remodeling of our downstairs storage room. I keep going back and forth between being excited and overwhelmed but I believe I can do it and so it is as good as done.

I feel large amounts of money making their way to me, although I don’t know where from. I trust that I am financially taken care of, financial abundance fills my world. Trust faith love hope. All things mine.

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