cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

1.) nothing in the whole universe can hurt me but myself. Every bad thing that’s happened to me I’ve done to myself. Self sabotage.
2.) I am here to embody self acceptance. I am here to release shame. I am here to personify expression. I am all love. I am all support. I am the divine feminine. It is in discretion not suppression that this power is realized fully.
3.) feeling understood can withstand anything. There is something that connects us beyond time and space and distance and closeness.
4.) sex is sacred. The corruption of our sexual energy is their power source. The degradation of women facilitates this theft of power. I can’t see myself fucking anyone ever again. Any sex I have will fulfill a deeper purpose. My energy and luck and bounty and pleasure is all sacred.
5.) Labor of Love is everything
6.) I know
7.) I apologize to the universe for taking so long. I forgive myself for taking so long.
8.) relationships are a mirror. Union is the ultimate mirror. If your union is corrupted, the reflection will be corrupted, the lesson will be corrupted. Divine union or death. Loneliness is better than settling. Isolation beats distraction.
9.) everything special enough to interest me is blessed by my interest in it. Things and people and places are better just by my focusing on them. The universe trusts my judgement. I am capable of bearing such responsibility. That’s why. You’re welcome. Thank you.
10.) nullify distraction. Shed illusion. Make it all serve you.
11.) I’ve never felt more like myself.

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