cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Sunshine Killer and the Wild Banshee Broadcast

Every morning I spend alone with my birds
Getting to know them
(the rhythm of their dance and the language of their?)
Full immersion now
Things are moving fast.

I don’t want to lose this time.

I work from home and I am blessed.
I spend my days reading books, reading tarot, reading energy, reading minds.
I am learning so much now, time is precious as I watch it go.

In a few months time everything will be new.

Me, you, Loren.
Our shared reality.

The shop will be open and I will be someone who owns a shop. Life is wild. Failure is a distant dream that seems irrelevant. There is no need for hope, just missions and the completion of them. To know that you are where you should be. Such a wild thing, a new thing.
A dream within a dream.

“Welcome home” I cry to myself

The wheels of my mind are spinning in sync. Divine access to the endlessness that becomes us. Becomes it.
A life of its own.

Birth and rebirth and other cyclical happenings

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