cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

There are no secrets here, only undiscovered truths

2+ years ago

-2 weeks ago

Look at the progress we’ve made.
It broke my heart to watch you rip the skin off of your face.( Nowadays I just push you to use a toner. Mundane magic is all. )

We are somewhere new, someone new. We no longer rejoice in the excesses of mind-alteration. We find solace being ourselves. Who would have thought? I love you more now than ever. I couldn’t have imagined. The thing about people is that they change and grow and adjust and regress. “I love you” seems vague when contrasted with the spectrum of possibility within us all. But I do, and I mean it. There are lessons you were never taught and I see them clearly now. Let’s do better. I know we can.
Remove the resistance that creeps in behind monotony. (Doing the dishes is a fact of life.) Some days I feel shy. Some days not. How could anyone else make it work? I’m happy it doesn’t involve me. I have my hands full, my heart overflowing, there is more than one thing growing within me.
Let it be love, not resentment.
Let it be hope, not dismay.
Let it be true and pure and holy.

People die for love like...

And here
just living it
(but who else would have had us, but us. no one knows us like we do)

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