cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Well I thought I could match your glow with an apple that i taught regret
But you smashed that fruit and you spat on my shoes
And you drew an airplane flying through my head
I might as well be dead
Let those fireflies chew off my legs
Cause i don't wanna ever dance no more

Well I thought I could make you swoon with a light bulb that i taught to fly
But you took that bulb and you chewed it to a pulp
And you spat out fifty full grown fireflies
But it was all a lie
Those fireflies are made out of dust
And i don't wanna watch them glow no more

Well I thought I could make you cry with a cowboy that i taught restraint
But you snapped him in two and you buttered his boots
And you threw him out into the pouring rain
Well it really ruined my day
I had to glue him back together again
And i don't think he'll ever dance no more

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