cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

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My home will be loving and warm.

Your father and I will always kiss and hold each other close and have our space and embrace each other often.

We will teach you what love means and what you deserve.
We will teach you by example.

Our days will be filled with creation and comfort, meditation and self care, kisses and nudity, honesty and truth and boundaries and limits and freedom.

We cook the dog(s) and cats breakfast every morning as we prepare our own.

We will fill your mind with beauty and curiosity. Less television, more books. Less screens, more mess.

Picnics and camping. Car rides to nowhere. Grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. The importance of the family bond.

Our home is clean but welcoming. Loved and lived in, but with order and purpose.

You can tell me everything even though you won’t. I respect your autonomy and the place it begins and ends. I will never be your best friend. We provide the foundation and the structure and we provide for you so that you may be whole on your own.

Spells and rituals are part of our world. Magic will be no mystery for you. I can feel your energy already. Pure power. Like a second language, mysticism will be second nature. You will know god.

(Upon dropping me off at school my parents would say “do something nice for someone today” and I would roll my eyes and do something nice because I knew that upon leaving school I’d be asked what it was that I did for somebody. I will pass this on, it changed me in ways I couldn’t have understood.)

You will understand respect.
You will understand your power.

You’re already so lucky. About half as lucky as your dad and I.

Knowing you completes me.
The mystery of you blows my mind.

You are potential in its purest form and I am just glad to be yours.

You will always know that love exists. You will see it every day in your own parents.

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