cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Espresso with milk honey and cinnamon, dinner planning, subtle changes, being humbled, being empowered, the mystical importance of ritual, key limes, the feeling of clean sheets, where I go to sleep alone, country music in the morning, the raw intensity of creation, being pure, longing, humanizing oneself by default, being supportive, nurturing as the baseline, being a woman, being fluid and gentle and innocent and hopeful, release of cynicism, reconstruction, stability, passion, channeled energy, mmmmmmm, dreams of babies, dreams of big things, being completely in love with even the smallest parts, baby toes, the excitement on my baby’s face, being a great mother, being a great woman, being at all (what a fucking gift), soul family, the nature of the Oracle, sentimentality, divorce, union, space, time, and the futility of tension

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