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overstanding > overstepping

there are worse things than being disliked

embodiment of self-truths is necessary

When I was 8 years old I came down with a terrible flu. My fever was between 105 and 106 (my body runs hot and always has), I was miserable. This experience brought me my first fever dream, a visual that has stuck with me for all this time.
It was from the perspective of behind a bicycle- one that was in motion but without a rider. It would tilt from one side to the other, and when it lined up perfectly to where the bike was perpendicular to the road (as bikes are to be ridden) I felt this peace. Like it was fitting into an invisible groove, just where it was meant to be.

This reminds me of a very particular feeling I experience now. The feeling of being in perfect alignment with whatever the force is that drives me. A perfect balance, a belonging.
When you’re just IN IT, creating your surroundings and working with the universe.

It is the point of power.
The point where everything and you intercects.

That is where you’ll find the magic

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