cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I have the world’s sweetest and smartest baby, my sisters are incredible people, my family is in good health, I am in good health, I’m healing even thru the discomfort which is a prerequisite for the healthy love I deserve, I don’t have to check the price tags at the grocery store, I’m young enough to have time, there is music and art and people who understand, I love being a woman, the pain I’ve endured and my trust that’s been crushed has not annihilated my spirit or loving nature, I am a good thing, I know how to love, my body moves well and carries me everywhere I need to go, I find joy in the smallest of places so I will always be happy, I don’t expect things from anyone which allows me to see them truly, all of my basic needs are met, I’m driven, I’m unique, I have no insecurities and I know what I have to offer is rare and precious, I get to dance every day, I get to share my gifts with other women, I get to be a witness to the flowers and the ocean and the trees and the animals, I love my own company, I am an unconditional thing, I get to offer love to those I love, I get to witness the most special of people, babies exist, hope exists, kisses exist (even if I don’t get any), the future is bright, I no longer resent my humanness, I am god, I can genuinely say there is no one else I’d rather be, there is you, there is me

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