cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

With the unexpected ‘illness’ I’ve been enduring the last few weeks, some daily to-do’s got pushed back. We’ve been playing catch up and it’s fine.
I have 4 baskets of laundry to do today. I’m excited for the feeling that comes once that’s all done. We’d been doing so well at being adults that this minor fluke is okay.
Loren is giving me a dread lock today- at the base of my hair line, near my neck and off to the left. I wanna dye my hair but I’ve been leaving it alone to heal so we shall see.

I need a change and I need to figure out where to fit it in.
I’m off work tomorrow, so I plan on painting my bathroom and kitchen a beautiful dark brown. We have left over flooring to use as well- black and white stripes for the pattern. I wanna throw away all of my things but I don’t truly. I just want more space.

Finding comfort in my wants because they promote progress
Finding comfort in myself and my abilities.

Why is it so hard to compliment ourselves?

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