cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

I can’t help but wonder what my dog
Dreams of. Dog dreams. Before we adopted him he lived his entire life in a kennel. He’s 11 years old. His water bowl made me want to vomit, slime and other things. (One of my cats makes me change ALL of the water bowls in the house at least twice a day. Unfathomable.) He was eating food for big dogs and he only has 6 teeth. His fur was matted. He had a mass from between his ears all the way down to his tail- tense muscles- that we massaged out over the course of weeks. He’s so full of love and he’s a little genius. Sometimes it amazes me the things he understands. (2 of my 3 cats are pretty stupid, one of which is definitely handicapped...) So what does he dream of? Does he have nightmares of his youth? I wonder the format and context. I wish I could look inside just for a moment. All I know is that every morning, when he finally decides to wake up, he is overjoyed. There is no impact you can make that’s too small to count.

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