cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

We were at home. There was some kind of festival on Main St and people were everywhere. Thousands of them. We stood on our tiny plot of land in the back of our building, people filling the parking lot. Suddenly a group of about 15-20 people, over half of them men, began ripping the petals off of my sunflowers. Loren was so upset. He came to me crying, telling me there were just too many people and he couldn’t make them stop. I tried to hit some of them and shove them using “I’m pregnant” as a defense. Loren went off to cop some dope. He returned after doing his and handed me a full syringe. Out of nowhere, his step dad Brian comes over so I hide it. We talk for a while and eventually I sneak off to get high. I can’t do it alone so Loren helps, but Brian sees us and I panic. He assures me it’s okay, takes off his shoe and sock, and shows me his own track marks between his toes. “I shoot up here” he laughs. Comforted, I allow Loren to put the syringe in my vein. He pulls the plunger back multiple times allowing the syringe to fill with blood and pushing it into me over and over. He’s done. I feel nothing from it at all.

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