family ties

My entire life my dad has said "everything always works out." This used to bring me such frustration. Such annoyance. Clearly, just by looking around, I felt I had ample evidence to the contrary. Proof in the lives of everyone I saw. I would even try to prove him wrong on my more argumentative days. But now, at almost 26, I am coming to a realization. I am coming to a new place. Everything has always worked out for me. For the best. There is no life without dissonance, but there is plenty beyond it. One way or another I have always gotten my way. (Not to say I wouldn't have disagreed with this fact in the midst of turmoil.) Is it life? Is that how it works for everyone? Or somewhere deep in my mind, were the seeds planted? From a young age, from childhood, was I programmed to expect it to work out even if consciously I disagreed? Our parents have such a vivid effect on us. Moments beyond our memories that form the map of our souls. I am realizing that perhaps I am lucky- not necessarily in my experiences but in the tools I was given and taught to cope with and learn from them. I am lucky to have the parents I have. I am lucky to have been molded with my perspective. 

I will always watch my words with you. I will hold you up, not hold you down. I will not curse your future by damning the present. I will show you how to see. I will gladly share the view. Baby, my baby. Everything always works out (and what did you do nice for someone today?)


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