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I just finished working. I had some calls today that blew my mind. Or rather, my depth of intuition blew my mind. I am a psychic but some days I can’t help but wonder “but how did I just....know?” It feels great to blow your own mind. How much of life and pleasure is just accepting your gifts? Accepting that you are gifted? What are you drawn to? It’s drawn to you too. Colored to your liking. In a style all your own. I am the embodiment of my soul’s mission and I know that this is why everything is going so well. There is nothing to resist. I am doing what I’m meant to be doing. It flows with ease to and from me. My affirmations have become the way in which I describe my reality. Pure magic.

Later today we are meeting up with Loren’s parents. Brian and I love to get into fiery political debates and he smiles so hugely at the whole thing. I see pride in Linda’s eyes. They’re genuinely curious about us. They’ve grown quite a bit. So have we. They are looking at houses today, and plan on buying one in order to be nearer. They’ve always wanted the closeness but we’re discouraged by our lifestyle. Everything flows now.

I am drinking my coffee and writing this. I’ve already done my yoga and my meditations. I’ve done my affirmations. My dog and I went on our hour-long walk. I send Nico’s candle along with a love letter/instructional guidance. Fragile. I wrote my big sister a two page letter declaring my love and appreciation (it’s just what I do. I’m a romantic in all of my relationships.) I put together a few things along with her candle to gift her for all the work she’s done in the shop that I’ve been unable to help with.

There is a massage place about 3-4 blocks over from me, and in a few minutes I’m going to go there for a $20, 30 minute foot and hand massage. I deserve it (and more) and Loren deserves a day off of rubbing my sore body. I asked him if he wanted me to rub his feet and he declined. Upon further investigation I realized just how much he doesn’t think he deserves little treats like that. I am teaching him to ask for things he would enjoy. I am teaching him that his enjoyment is reason enough to ask. It never dawned on me before that conversation just how much he doesn’t request. I ensured him that I’m his wife and that I love to make him feel good. I’m not sure that he’s convinced he deserves it yet, but baby steps lead to new heights.

Tomorrow is our baby shower. I have a beautiful pink lace dress I’ve been waiting to wear. My mother has worked so hard to plan this get together and I can’t wait to see the pride radiating from her. I am so grateful and that makes me lucky.

There is no luck without genuine appreciation. It can not exist alone. If you don’t see it, it isn’t there. So my eyes are wide with wonder and my blessings come as no surprise. This is now. This is it. I choose to love every moment.

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