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It was my birthday. We were at the home that we lived in when I was in high school. My mom was throwing me a party but our rooms were so dirty that I was frantically trying to clean them up. My mom was trying to make me stop but I couldn’t. In the midst of cleaning the guests started to arrive so I let it go. The first guest was my friend from elementary school, the first friend I made when I moved to Florida, Annie Barberri. She was grown and looks exactly how she looks now. We hug, i acquaint mySelf. I woke up to pee. My dream picked up where it left off (which never happens to me.) except this time the house had changed. It was a beautiful home. Everything was in the theme of green. Something about it being historic, the site of some magical group long ago. I had opened my presents and we were all sitting around. From somewhere, Loren ended up with one of those tiny vibrators that change speed and intensity. He kept turning it on and I had to keep telling him to stop. Everyone knew what he was doing. Finally I suggested we just take a bath. A little boy was in the bathroom and Loren didn’t want to be unkind by making him leave but I didn’t care at all. In the confusion another kid came in and it just got more and more chaotic. There were 2 bathroom doors. As soon as I got someone to leave, 2 more people came in. I was trying to be polite with the adults. (All the while, loren keeps turning this damn vibrator on) Finally i lost it and was making kind of a scene. My older sister helped me remove everyone from the bathroom. I’ve been having a lot of wet dreams, but usually they aren’t so frustrating.

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