cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

Sometimes there is no problem to be solved

Sometimes you just need to cry about it and release it

Sometimes we make a big deal out of a solution-less ordeal when the most helpful thing we could truly be doing is just loving ourselves thru it

We have no control over others. If we want them in our lives, sometimes we just have to accept some things and give ourselves the space to feel

Having an outlet is crucial

Having the space to move thru our emotions is crucial

The key is NOT turning an emotion into an identity
NOT turning a feeling into fact

You’re allowed to ebb and flow.
You’re allowed to feel multiple ways at once.

Maybe this is why I have a hard time talking to others about my perceived ‘problems.’

Maybe it’s because, more often than not, they just come and go
And there’s no reason to solidify them with other people’s opinions about them

Some things just are
And the space between you and your adaptation is bound to be uncomfortable

Maybe I’m really all I need

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