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Self-love spell

1 candle (red, pink or white- any size)
Dried rose petals
Rose quartz
1 small piece of paper and something to write with (i use red for this one)
a bit of sand
A bowl or dish

Place the sand in the bottom of the dish
Arrange rose petals (on the sand) however feels best
Place your candle in the sand (the sand should hold it up and extinguish it when it’s done.)
Distribute your rose quartz appropriately around the dish or inside it if you wanna

On your paper write the self-loving qualities you wish to bring forth (they are already in you).
You can be specific
*Focus either on bringing out or letting go, both can send mixed signals- clarity is key*

Place your paper under the bowl.

Sit in meditation, visualize your essence surrounding and protecting you.
Decide that your will is the ultimate power.

Light your candle and let it burn all the way down- DO NOT extinguish it early.

Supplement your spell by giving yourself extra love and focus, even if it feels false.

Reap the rewards. Repeat as desired.
Tags: magick

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