cagejam (cagejam) wrote,

The question is who do you want to be? The only rational next step is how do you get there? Everything else is in passing. I want options but I can hardly see. Blinded by the insight. You can’t punish anyone for their feelings (especially not yourself.) Intuition is one hell of a? Somebody, homebody. Harmful fun. When unsatisfied we project our dreams onto other people. Our hopes. They become huge and glorious as you stare up in awe. Awe inspiring. Cumming to terms with it, figuratively speaking. There are some faces we just can’t make. There are some we can’t shake. I could stare at you all day (until I look away.)

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    I am torn I am torn! I am torn!! I have never known how it really feels before this, to be torn. I want both. I want neither. I want you now and…

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    fuck is this getting weird

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    dreamworld is rocking my shit

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